What Is the Relationship Between the Internet and Intimacy?

What is the relationship between the Internet and intimacy? The only thing these two things have in common are the first three letters of their names (the “i-n-t”). The Internet is the world’s leading destroyer of intimacy.

At 11:00 p.m., how many of you are typing away on the Internet or playing on Facebook, chatting up old friends you haven’t seen in 25 years? How many of you come home from work, watch television, surf the Internet, and then crawl into bed next to your lover and do nothing but sleep?

efore the Internet, we had to get creative in order to have intimacy. We did, in fact, light candles. We actually had lengthy discussions. We did, in fact, talk on the phone.

The Internet has sucked us in. It’s like there’s nothing there. Before you know it, you have seven different windows open at the same time, each with a different issue to which you must respond.

I’ve discovered that most people turn to the Internet because they no longer know how to retreat and reconnect with their lover. The Internet is one of the greatest destroyers of intimacy.

The Internet has a way of sucking you in. It’s a problem.

So many of us spend so much time on the Internet rather than connecting with others. Instead of going out and meeting actual human beings with whom we can form relationships, we spend our time chatting online with strangers.

So, here’s an idea for everyone…

Make a list of your favorite websites. When you get home, take a few moments to unwind and read on the Internet.

Then, when you’re out to dinner with your significant other, just talk. Relax and have fun with each other.

When it comes to intimacy, if the only intimacy you have right now is with your fingers typing on a keyboard, I strongly advise you to become aware of how the Internet is destroying any intimacy in your life. Recognize how it is destroying your relationship with your lover and with your friend.

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