Get Rid of Your Masculine Energy,women!

Are you a woman with an excess of masculine energy? If you are, you will need to expel a lot of that masculine energy when you are dating.

Women with a lot of masculine energy should dress sexier. They should put themselves out there a bit more.

Do you understand what masculine energy is?

A woman with masculine energy can be a very successful career woman. She competes with men all day, so she is fundamentally masculine. She has to deal with men all day in the business world, so she’s masculine.

She wants a pay raise. She must confront her boss, so she is masculine.

When she goes on a date, she brings that masculine energy with her. When a man tries to flirt with a woman on a date who has a lot of masculine energy, she ends up going into interrogation mode.

She will approach him in the same manner in which she would approach a business deal. She does not exude feminine energy.

So, what exactly is feminine energy, and how does it manifest itself on a date? Dressing sexily, flirting with the guy, leaning in when he speaks, and looking him in the eyes are all manifestations of feminine energy. That is one aspect of it.

Another aspect is learning how to occasionally throw a bone to a guy and then making sure he jumps on it. Learn how to give a man hints and allow him to pick them up and take the lead.

That is how a woman should behave in the presence of a man. Throw a bone, then let him take the lead. You want him to do something.

You don’t want to be the one who always takes the initiative. Every action you take emasculates him.

Most guys may not see it that way at first, but it will eventually deteriorate the type of relationship you have. If you want a “guy’s guy,” you have to throw him a bone now and then and make sure he notices.

I’m aware that some people reading this are mistakingly thinking that I’m telling women to be passive and submissive to men. In fact, I’m saying the opposite.

Being open is a big part of feminine energy. It is also being the decision-maker when it comes to selecting men with whom you want to be willing to be led at times. It’s allowing yourself to surrender at the right times.

So, how do you cultivate your feminine energy while also feeling amazing and sexy in your own skin? Examine your physical characteristics. Consider the type of woman you are.

Begin by looking through magazines for images of women with your body type. If you’re a little heavier, look through magazines that feature heavier women to see how they dress sexily.

Go shopping and get a makeover. Find a way to express yourself sexually.

Men are drawn to women of all body types. The important thing to remember here is that men are drawn to sexy women of all body types.

So women should investigate this further so that they can use their feminine energy when flirting with men. That will get you a lot more attention — and you,

You will also begin to have a lot more fun in your dating life as a woman.

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