If he’s doing these three things, he’s not interested in you. He’s teasing you.

So let’s talk about these three indicators, these three things that will tell you that the man you’re with isn’t pursuing you, but rather playing you.

  1. Date one makes a promise.

Men who play understand exactly what to say.

On the first date, a man playing a woman knows exactly what she wants to hear.

He’ll tell you how far he’s come.

If you are a spiritual Yogi.

Or if you’re a girl who has done a lot of self-improvement.

He’ll tell you about his spiritual journey.

He’ll tell you how he was able to heal his inner child.

He’ll tell you straight up that he’s looking for a high vibrational partner with whom he can share life, be present, and be open.

Now, an open man like that will also say that, so you have to put an asterisk next to it.

Because a truly high vibrational man will tell you everything he’s accomplished and when he’s ready for a true partnership. So date one will seem strangely similar, except that a man who is playing you will take you to this level on date two.

  1. A man who’s actually your high vibrational partner will actually allow you to show yourself, because he wants to see the real you.

He doesn’t want to play with you, chase you, or anything else; he wants to pursue you and let you show off your beauty.

But a man who is duping you?

The high vibrational conversation comes to an end, and the conversation becomes more sexual in nature.

He’s flirting with you with dirty talk and texts. If he’s a really good player, he might do it subliminally, but if he’s a mediocre player, he might jump right into the naughty and dirty.

Because he knows a certain amount about women, a player will try to play you sexually as soon as he feels he has you on an emotional level. The true high vibrational being.

The person you want to spend time with and get to know isn’t interested in sex because he already knows you’ve made love to each other in his mind. So he doesn’t have to rush the sex, which brings us to the third point.

  1. He will fall flat on his face and will not be as communicative as he was at the start.

Let’s say you’ve had two dates, he feels like he could sleep with you, or you’ve already made the mistake of being played and sleeping with him too soon. He’ll start to fade away because a player enjoys the initial pursuit; it’s a high.

It’s fantastic to be able to weave a web of seduction around an unsuspecting woman. It’s amazing to get that high, it’s literally a rush, and to see if he can quickly get you sexually pumped up so you can be his. When you’re being played, whether you sleep with him or not.

It doesn’t always matter whether he sleeps with you or not; sometimes he just needs confirmation that he can, and that he could.

So, once he has his ego validated or his physical side validated, he usually begins to disappear. You suddenly don’t hear from him for four or five days after hearing from him every single day. He’s fading because he’s on to the next emotional, egotistical, or physical conquest, as a player does.

So, the next time you’re with someone, think about it and look for these red flag warning signs.

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