Do You Consider Yourself a Female Ball Buster?

And it’s one of the most unappealing characteristics I can think of in a woman.

Women are supposed to be the polar opposite of men. They’re not supposed to constantly challenge men, busting their balls and criticising them.

Don’t get me wrong: there are different levels of female ball buster.

I’m going to go over some of these degrees and explain why busting a man’s balls will actually ruin your children’s future. So keep reading because what you’re about to do and engage in will, I believe, change the way you see men.

Do You Consider Yourself a Jabber?

Are you a female ballbreaker?

Personally, I do not want relationships that are based on constant jabbing and criticism; those are exhausting relationships.

What are your thoughts on your jabbing partner? Have you ever dated a jabber?

There are people in this world who enjoy micromanaging and constantly criticising others.

They’ll do it in front of their children, their friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else.

They don’t mind because people with this personality disorder enjoy it for whatever reason. They believe that a relationship lacks passion if there is no controversy.

They are constantly critical of their partner. This occurs in both sexes.

When I’m out and about, I see it all the time. Men are disrespecting women in front of a large group of people.

I’ve seen women micromanage and verbally attack men in public. I’ve seen it numerous times and experienced it myself.

It’s simply one of the most unhealthy partner dynamics, and if you have children, you’re basically teaching them the same thing.

So, if you’re a woman who likes to poke fun at your man or micromanage him in front of your child, your daughter, she will actually become you.

It Is Not Acceptable to Teach Your Children to Criticize Others.

Your children observe you and learn from you. If you have poor manners, openly criticise others, and openly criticise your partner, your daughter will do the same to future boyfriends because that’s what Mommy taught her. Mommy taught her that it’s okay to poke fun at men and micromanage them.

She is present when it happens. She witnesses your behaviour even though she sees Dad cringe.

And if you have a boy, and he sees that, well, guess what? He’ll think that’s normal, that’s how love works, and he’ll end up with a woman like you; a woman who feels the need to take potshots, micromanage, and simply ball-bust a man nonstop.

He’ll meet someone similar to you, and when he returns home from college or in his twenties with his girlfriend, you’ll notice that he basically found you because that’s what he thinks love is. That’s the problem: he’ll think that’s how it feels to be in love, that it’s okay for the woman to disrespect the man.

You’ll be sitting there, looking at your son’s girlfriend, and looking directly into a mirror, at yourself. And for the first time, you’ll think to yourself, whoa, that woman he’s with is awful.

You’ll see how she’s constantly hurting and breaking your son’s balls; you’ll see your son cringe every time she pulls this in front of people, every time she does this.

But the problem is that you probably aren’t even aware of it. Sure, men have probably told you that you’re a bit of a ball-buster along the way, but you’ve come up with reasons and excuses saying that’s just the way you are and they don’t understand you.

You’re always blaming others instead of blaming yourself and accepting full responsibility for your shit and why you became that way. You must have learned it from your mother, you see. You must have observed your mother treating men in this manner, and this is how you have learned to treat men.

However, if you have children, you are modelling that behaviour for them. You’re demonstrating that to them, which is very unfortunate because it will take them years of relationships and figuring things out to undo what you’re doing to them.

Don’t Break the Ball!

So, delve a little deeper. If your husband, boyfriend, or anyone else points out that you’re a ball-buster, it’s time to put an end to it. Not only for the sake of your relationships, but also because you don’t want your children to inherit that trait.

And only the weak men will put up with it. You’ll never get the strong alpha guy because he’ll leave you. He’ll leave you quickly because he can’t stand such behaviour any longer.

So, for the sake of maintaining a healthy relationship and teaching your children that a loving relationship should be equal, I strongly advise you to improve your behaviour. Don’t be a ball breaker.

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