What to Wear on Your First Date

Men, as you know, are extremely visual. We are incredibly visual.

On a first date, your favourite low-cut silk blouse may be the most distracting thing. The office pantsuit you wear after work when you meet him for a cup of coffee or a drink may turn him off because you look too much like a dude or Hillary Clinton in it.

Wearing something that makes you feel good, sexy, and comfortable should be the focus of your first date. You also want to give him a sneak peek at how you dress when you’re not at work. That’s why I never recommend meeting a man in a business suit after work.

I always recommend wearing something simple and not overly sexual or outlandish. A skirt and blouse, a fun t-shirt with jeans, or a low-cut sweater. Something simple. Something seductive. Something that allows him to see your curves while still leaving room for the imagination. Something so he can fantasise about how your curves will feel. Nothing that is too direct.

So many times, women will wear shirts that are too tight, unbuttoned so that the bra is peeking through or visible through the fabric, jeans that are too tight and ride up her buttocks, or her cleavage is showing through her dress. That’s great for a second or third date, when the heat is rising and you want to tease him a little.

On a first date, however, you want a guy to make eye contact with you. You don’t want to annoy him. You don’t want him thinking about sex any more than he already is. You want him to be able to connect with you.

You want to date a man who is in control of his sexual desires, so put the spray-painted dress away. Wear something that makes you feel like a beautiful, sexy woman instead of a really low cut blouse with your boobs showing. Allow him to fantasise about your curves rather than seeing them all.

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