The Myth of the One-Date Miracle

If we really got deep today…

And we really discussed our intuition…

And how we live our lives with an open heart…

If you examine your entire dating history…

You’ll notice that some of the first dates were completely coincidental.

You know the kind of date where you go out with someone and instantly feel at ease, as if you’ve known each other for a long time? There’s no worrying about whether or not someone likes you.

What should I say next?

Whether to grab them or not.

If you should kiss them at the end.

Whether or not you’ve said too much or said too little.

There are only a few first dates that go as smoothly as soft-serve ice cream on a hot summer day.

First dates where the conversation simply flows. It doesn’t matter where you go because you’re so at ease.

Eye contact is literally non-stop.

You can feel them. They appear to be familiar to you.

You have the impression that you have known them for a long time.

The kiss, well, it’s not planned until the very end. It’s not an awkward moment when two distant heads collide.

It’s not one of those where the individual, or man, doesn’t go for it. It just happens that way.

It happens about halfway through the date.

It simply happens. As if it hadn’t happened before. It’s entirely natural.

It’s simple, and the kiss itself…

You have the impression that you have kissed them many times before. They feel comfortable, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The familiar is secure. It’s comforting to be familiar.

When first dates are like this, they are pretty amazing because they usually lead to a relationship.

I always knew whether or not there was something there at the end of the first date. It’s because of everything mentioned above, and every time I’ve ever gotten into a relationship with someone, I knew it very quickly — within the first couple of dates or phone calls. It’s only natural.

I’ve never had a conversation of whether or not we’re in a relationship or not. I’ve never had the commitment conversation.

All I’ve ever really had was one never-ending conversation that I didn’t want to end.

Because when you connect with someone, the conversation never ends. You never run out of things to say because you always have something to say because you feel safe with that person. You feel safe expressing yourself in so many different ways. It’s a never-ending conversation because you both know you’re interested in each other.

You’re texting one another. You’re calling each other. There are no rules or games because you were so in sync on your first date that everything just flowed naturally after that.

There was no need to wait two days to text, call, or see each other again. You made it clear from the start that you wanted to see each other again — that you cared about each other. That you had a physical crush on each other.

This is what a great first date entails.

It’s true. It’s entirely natural. It’s potent. It’s strong, and it’s usually what leads to a relationship.

Dating is challenging. Dating is difficult. Dating consists of all of the above.

But dating is also the most rewarding thing you can do because no matter what the challenge or difficulty you face, you’ll eventually run into that date.

That amazing, connecting, powerful first date with the person you’ve always wanted to meet.

That is the wonder of life. So keep going. Keep going because your next great first date is right around the corner. And it might be closer than you think…

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