The Reality of Modern Dating Browse Don’t Buy

Where do you call home? Dating has become a lot of browsers and not a lot of buyers, regardless of where you live.

As an example, I will constantly monitor people’s online profiles. I’m fascinated by how people act.

I’m matched on all of the dating apps, but I rarely go out with anyone because I’m not into the unplanned style of meeting.

But every other day, I’ll look at certain people’s profiles. What I see is a lot of window dressing or shopping.

Women are constantly changing their online photos, attempting to re-market themselves. They’re looking for a makeover online that will help them meet men.

We all look, but we don’t buy.

We are constantly on these websites because they are addictive. I’ve mentioned how the online dating industry sells hope, but there’s more to it. Because of all the new ways to date, from Bumble to Tinder to, modern dating has become a lot of browsing but not much buying.

I’d like you to take a look at your phone right now; go ahead, look at it. How many phone numbers for men do you have in there? You met them somewhere, at some point, and took their phone number. You might not even recognize them. How many of the men you have their phone numbers for are you currently texting?

The average dater texts three people at once.

Constantly looking, always browsing. We’ve been thoroughly advertised, and the goods are people.

It’s not so far-fetched; after all, we’re constantly browsing. We’re being sold the idea that there’s someone out there who is perfect for each of us. We are perfect because we are so perfect.

Every single one of us is the most flawed person on the planet. Nonetheless, we continue to look for our perfect match on a daily basis.

It’s both true and heartbreaking.

Every couple of weeks, I receive five to six connections. I go out, meet someone interesting, and continue browsing. Why? Because that is how we have evolved as a society.

Have I met some great women? Absolutely, but browsing is so easy with no commitments. You are never hurt. You leave before it has a chance to go anywhere. You remember the person as being cool, but nothing else.

We no longer give anyone a chance, which is very sad. Everyone I talk to is always single. I’ve seen some people on these apps for years who are always single.

People are constantly browsing as if they are looking for something, but they have no idea what it is.

We’ve developed a shopping addiction. The issue is that people are always looking for the next best thing. The next best product.

Consider it the next time. You browse, go out and sample someone in the dating pond, and then quickly throw them back in. We browse rather than shop. We’re not interested.

Perhaps it’s time to give what’s in front of you a shot. Give the guy who’s interested in you another look, go out with him again, and keep the possibility of a great new relationship in mind. Take the leap of faith, stop browsing, and buy.

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