Why Do You Despise Being Single?

I’ll have to think about it.

How often do you tell people that you despise being single?

Write that number down right now and be completely honest with yourself. Don’t worry, no one will find out, and I’m not going to look either.

Now I want you to keep track of how many dates you go on each week.

What does that figure make you feel?

Then I want you to keep track of how many people you approach and ask for an introduction to someone. How many people do you tell that you’re single? Do you think being single is a game?

Make a note of it.

Being single, you see, is not a game. It all comes down to changing your mindset, in my opinion.

You must adopt a single-person mindset. It’s very straightforward.

It’s a chance to connect with and be with someone you’ve never met before.

It’s a chance to fall in love like you’ve never before.

It’s the chance to have the relationship you’ve always wanted but never had.

It’s an opportunity to make amends for everything you couldn’t have in that adult relationship. That lovely soul partnership. That incredible one-on-one connection that can only be had after all of this hard work.

But if you tell people you despise being single, guess what happens? You’re going to put that energy out there but not put in the time. And you’re not going to meet anyone – you’re going to feel down and depressed all the time because you’re not meeting anyone, you’re not being with anyone.

Don’t despise being single; instead, embrace it and be a part of it. It’s great fun. Tell everyone how proud you are to be single. If you’re a single mom, tell people you’re a proud single mom, and if you’re a single mom, you’re teaching your kids what it’s like to be single. Don’t you want them to fall in love and find a great partner, or do you want them to settle, as you did in another relationship?

So they can keep making the same mistakes as you?

Take care with your words. Your words have the least impact, while your beliefs have the most. So embrace your single status.

Write down right now

It all comes down to a mindset shift and change. Also, write down, “I enjoy dating because it allows me to meet new people – and if that opportunity arises, I will take it.”

“And it’s okay if I don’t like the person I’m with; it’s better than sitting home alone in my boxes staring at our computer screens or cell phone screens.”

It’s amazing to get out and connect. Every person you meet introduces you to the next and the next.

And don’t have any expectations. Date, have fun, and enjoy your single status.

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