The complex world of online dating.

I have to tell you something that I find extremely amusing.

Online dating is similar to a massive cyber bar in the sky.

Please bear with me.

When you use a dating app or an online dating site, you frequently encounter the same people.

Particularly when swiping. I’m not sure if it’s the same women over and over again.

And it’s amusing. If I had a small ego or felt threatened in any way about my manhood, I’d tell myself that they’d have to pick me and give me a chance eventually.

And this is where it becomes amusing and comical.

It’s sort of like an endless swipe land.

I keep seeing the same women and think to myself, isn’t this crazy? Why don’t we just pick each other if I see them and they see me?

Why don’t we simply tell ourselves, “You know what? I’ve swiped past you about 47 times now, but we haven’t chosen each other. Maybe we should just give each other an opportunity.

There’s this lady. Amy I see it all the time on every app. Her age shifts frequently. She’s 52 one minute and 47 the next. I’ve seen her drop to 45.

She appears in my swipe mill on a daily basis.

I also went to high school with another woman. She’s three years my senior, but she appears to be ten years my junior online.

I’ve also seen some famous women on Bumble and Tinder.

Not once, but four times, women have hit on me.

And I’m thinking, don’t you remember? The first three times, we didn’t connect. But, on the other hand, I applaud you for trying again. I give that thumbs up.

I had a woman e-mail me the other day.

On Bumble, you inquired about my day.

I wrote her back and said it’s as good as it was when we went out for coffee in West Hollywood a year ago.

Oh my god, you’re the motivational speaker with the daughter, she exclaims.

It’s nuts out there. We appear to be revolving the same people over and over. We appear to be attempting the same person or ignoring the same person. When will the craziness end? Never, and that’s the problem with online dating. It’s insane, mad, and ridiculous, but if you stick with it, it will work.