4 Online Dating Profile No-Nos for Females!

I understand your point of view. For a woman, online dating isn’t always easy. You sign up, create what you think is a good profile, and your inbox is flashing like crazy within an hour. You re-enter the laptop like a giddy schoolgirl. Your Prince Charming has to be in here somewhere right?


The problem is, you’re looking for a relationship, and none of these guys invading your inbox are it.

You scratch your head, trying to figure out where all the good-looking, honest men who want a relationship rather than phone sex are. What if I told you that some of it is your fault?

That’s correct. It could be your fault that you’re attracted to the wrong men. The truth is that the majority of women have no idea how to write an online dating profile, which leads to frustration and disappointment. Today isn’t just about the pictures you post (though those are important too! ), but also about the writing style you use on your dating profile. Here are four types of profiles that are guaranteed to turn men off or attract the wrong type of men.

1. The List Profile – This dating profile appears to be nothing more than a shopping list. You list every single flaw you despise in men. You list everything you dislike about men and threaten any man who exhibits these characteristics to stay the hell away from you.

You know what this immediately tells me?

It tells me you’re the type of woman who enjoys breaking balls. You’ll pick at every little thing your man does wrong, and you’ll make him feel like he’s dating his mother. The only men you’ll attract with this profile are co-dependent men looking for a mother, not a girlfriend. Isn’t that not what you’re looking for?

2. The “Man Hater” Profile – This is written by a bitter, heartbroken woman who is venting her rage on Match.com. Her voice is filled with rage. You can imagine her pounding the keys as she vents her rage on the keyboard.


What is it that I always say? The fact that one guy cheated on you does not guarantee that the next one will. Just because one guy failed you doesn’t mean the next will. Don’t take it out on the next guy who comes your way. It suggests that you have trust issues. You’re probably the type of woman who will keep checking our phones and pockets for signs of infidelity.

Not appealing!

3. The Disney Profile – This profile is fantastic. You’re looking for the one. You want to get married within the next few weeks. You want at least ten children. And before you’re 50 you want to ride into the sunset for a lifetime of passion and romance. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m a sucker for romance. I enjoy connecting with women. But don’t get too carried away!

Allow me to meet you first before deciding whether or not to marry you. When you write a Disney profile, I know you’re outcome oriented. You’re dating with a specific goal in mind. You’re thinking too far ahead, and you’ve already formed an opinion about who I am before you’ve even met me. You will not attract emotionally mature, relationship-ready men because we dislike pressure.

4. “I’m a lot of fun, trust me!” This profile is a mystery. This is the profile that says nothing but, “I didn’t really want to come on this site. My friends forced me to do it. I haven’t gotten around to writing this yet, but I’m a laid-back, fun girl. “Please contact me!”

OK… Less is more, and your dating profile is only there to pique my interest enough for me to message you, but you must include something!

What if you don’t write anything at all?

We only have your photo to go on. Guess what kind of men you’ll be getting messages from?

That’s correct. Mr. Webcam and Mr. Masturbator are going to flood your inbox. If that’s not what you’re looking for, then add something to your profile!

Check out the video below to learn more about dating profile no-nos and what to put on your dating profile to attract evolved, attractive, relationship-ready men!

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