Your Biggest Mistake in Online Dating

So you’re browsing the web and come across an interesting profile.

The only problem is that there is no image.

This person is operating undercover in the online world.

So you send him an e-mail, and the two of you correspond. He hands you a phone number, and you dial it. You talk to him for two hours and have a great conversation.

You’re really excited now.

Except you’ve made the biggest blunder in online dating history.

Would you go on vacation and stay in a hotel you’ve never seen before?

Would you visit a beach resort without first seeing pictures of it?

Would you buy a used car from someone simply because they said it was in perfect condition with no blemishes?

Why would you pick up the phone and spend two hours of your life talking to someone you’ve never met?

Everyone in the online world believes they are fit, trim, gorgeous, sexy, and beautiful.

Nobody writes in their profile that they are UGLY.

Nobody will say, “I’m fat, have tons of ingrown hair, and a bush that grows like an afro.”

That would at least be honest, but nobody is honest in the online world.

So why would you spend two hours talking to someone, getting all excited, only to be let down when they finally send you an e-mail with a picture attached?

And because you already like him, you click through to find a picture that piques your interest. You look at them from every angle, blow them up, shrink them, look at them with one eye, and still…nothing.

So, the next time you’re drawn in by someone without a picture on an online dating site, keep in mind that the person hiding behind that profile is probably not who they claim to be.

There’s a reason their photo isn’t online.

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