The 6 Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Making Their First Online Contact With Women

Do you want to be successful at online dating? Online dating can be simple and enjoyable if you avoid the six most common mistakes that men make when dating online. Here are the six most common mistakes men make when contacting a woman for the first time online.

1.Not Reading A Woman’s Profile: This is one of the most common mistakes men make. Guys will not read a woman’s profile and then email her — even if they are not in her age range and do not share any of her interests. It’s amazing how many men will simply look at a picture of a woman and send her an email, even if that woman is completely uninterested in what she stated in her profile. You’re just wasting someone’s time when you do that.

2.Being A Winker: If you read women’s profiles online, you’ll notice that many of them request not to receive winks or state flatly that they don’t respond to winks. However, because many men online are extremely lazy, they will go online and send out a hundred winks in a single night in the hopes that one woman will respond. Do you know what that says to a woman right away when you do that? It tells her two things: first, you didn’t read her profile, and second, you’re desperate. Winkers are in a desperate situation. They don’t mind who responds; all they want is for someone to respond.

3.Sending Generic or “Cut-and-Paste” Emails: Sending a generic or “cut ‘n paste” email without first reading a woman’s profile is one of the biggest turnoffs for women online. Guys will send an email to a hundred women that says something like, “Hey, you and I are a perfect match. Read through my profile and let me know what you think. I eagerly await your response.” When a woman reads this, she knows you didn’t put any effort into it. She is aware that it is a generic email and will not respond to it.

4.No Follow-Up: Another huge mistake men make online is a lack of follow-up. A man will send an email to a woman, she will reply, and he will then wait and not respond to her email right away. He doesn’t contact her again until three weeks later, when he emails her and makes some excuse about being extremely busy at work. What does a woman think when this happens? She thinks, “Well he obviously emailed ten people, and I was number four on his list. He was talking to three other people, but they ignored him, so he’s decided he wants to go out with me.” That’s not how you make her feel important. If you email a woman, you should follow through, both in terms of responding to her emails and asking her out on a date. Women want men who act like men, have a plan, and stick to it.

5.Commenting On Her Photo: Commenting on a woman’s photo demonstrates to her that you did not read her profile. If you write something like, “Boy, you look really great in that dress” or “Wow, you look hot in that bathing suit,” it shows a woman that you are purely visual. It’s far too overtly sexual from the start. It turns off women. Women want you to comment on something she says in her profile, not just read it. It demonstrates to them that something in their profile emotionally connects with you in some way.

6.Introducing Yourself in Your First Email: It’s a big mistake to talk about yourself in your first email (and first contact) with a woman before even asking her a question. To a woman, it appears that you simply copied and pasted a portion of your profile into an email and sent it to her. When you do this, you are being a “lister,” which is what I call men who have to list all of their good qualities in order to sell themselves to a woman. In that first email, you should flirt with her and get to know her better.

Online dating can be a lot of fun, but you must approach it differently. You should approach your first contact with a woman as if you were meeting her in person.

If you think about it this way, you would never send a woman a list of your best qualities or comment on how hot she looks in her swimsuit on the first date.

Think like that, and you’ll have more success online while not alienating any women.

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