A View From Above On Online Dating

How many of you have actually attempted online dating? I’m talking about going to a website and really hammering it.

Do you understand the 80/20 rule in life? In life, 80% of people fail while only 20% succeed.

These success rates are also applicable to online dating. Do you understand why? It’s because most people don’t know what it takes to succeed at online dating. Most men, in particular, are unaware of what it takes to succeed in online dating.

First, successful online daters emotionally connect with women. Most guys don’t understand why that is important, and don’t know how to do it if they do.

Most men will post pictures of themselves and then list things in their profile. They do not include a narrative in their profile. To elicit an emotional response from a woman, you must create some kind of store.

Assume you have recently returned from a vacation in Italy. You could put “I love Italy” in your profile, but what’s the point? What does it matter?

Many people would be interested if you wrote about it properly. They’d be interested if you instead wrote: “During my trip to Italy, I cruised up and down the Positano Coast. Let me tell you a story. If you’ve never seen a sunset in Positano, you’ve never really seen a sunset in your life.”

Do you see the difference? The distinction is that you are eliciting an emotion. You’re creating an emotion. You’re instilling something in people that will pique their interest.

Another thing you should understand about online dating is that it is essentially a giant bar in the sky. Just because someone did not respond to you on Tuesday, September 22nd, does not mean they will not respond three weeks later.

They could be dating someone else, flirting with someone else, or whatever. As a result, I always advise people to email someone again. The important thing to remember here is what you write when you do it.

Your first email should not be copied and pasted (or any other email message). Enter their information into their profile. Take a peek into their world. Read it through, even aloud, until you have a “Aha!” moment and see something that really speaks to you.

“I love running on the beach with my dog,” says their profile. The funny thing is that my dog runs around in circles, and sometimes I think he’s going to pass out from dizziness.” Because your dog does the same thing, you have that “aha!” moment.

So you could send an email with the subject “Wondering what would happen if we ran around…” Then in the body of the email you would write, “…in circles like our dogs. It’s amusing, but my dog does the same thing, and I often wonder how she doesn’t get dizzy. When you were a kid, did you ever spin in circles until you got dizzy? Perhaps we should try it with our dogs once:)”

What happened was that you related to her by telling her a story about your life that was relevant to something in hers. That is how you improve at online dating. You must consider it as a conversation.

There are a lot of women out there. Use this to your advantage and look for women with whom you can connect. However, it is critical to connect in a conversation by relating.

Read every email response from a woman aloud so you can relate to it as if you were having a conversation with her. Form your responses by imagining how you would react if she said it to you in person.

From the start, online dating is all about having a conversation. It’s the same as flirting in a bar, a supermarket, or anywhere else.


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