Men’s Top 8 Most Annoying Online Behaviors

Are you prepared for the surprise? Here are eight of the most vexing online behaviors displayed by men:

1. Athletic & Fit? : It’s time for all men to realize they’re not Peyton Manning or Marvin Harrison. They are not an Olympic gold medalist in swimming. Your body type is precisely that. So you really need to look in the mirror and decide how you really look, because a woman expects a swimmer’s body to accompany that dazzling face when you say “athletic and fit” in your online profile and only put up dazzling head shots of yourself.

When what appears instead is a dazzling face with a middle-aged body, a woman’s expression is usually one of discomfort. You’ve already been exposed if you post an accurate full-body photograph of yourself. Then you simply let the women decide whether or not they are interested. It’s as simple as that. Lying about your body type never yields positive results.

2. Stop Being A Salesman: When you contact a woman online, do not send her a cut and paste email telling her all the reasons why she should want to have a relationship with you, why you’re a gift to mankind and why she is a fool if she doesn’t answer your email. If she wants, she can read your profile. Your profile is meant to pique her interest. It’s not a sales pitch for why she should be in a relationship with someone she hasn’t even met yet.

When you send a woman an online message, say something intriguing that will entice her to read your profile. Women do not want to read a cut and paste email about how amazing you believe you are. Allow her to discover this for herself.

3. Respect Her Age Range: If you’re a 50-year-old man looking at a 25-year-old woman’s profile who says she wants a man between the ages of 25 and 35, don’t contact her. Period. You must adhere to a woman’s stated age range for the men she wishes to meet (give or take no more than five years). Nothing turns a woman off more than her Father’s friends stalking her on the internet. If a woman says she wants to date someone five years her senior or younger, she does not want to date someone twice her age.

When men see images of beautiful women, they become visually impaired. Some men believe they have the right to date attractive younger women half their age. Now, there are some men who can do this… but online is not the place to try.

You have no chance of dating women online if you are over their stated age range. Even if you can completely dazzle a woman in person, you’ll be perceived as an old guy chasing younger women online. You’ll have a much better chance of meeting younger women if you get out of the house and dazzle them with your charm and wit.

4. Read Her Profile! : I’ve lost count of the number of women who email me and say, “David, what’s with all these men who don’t read our profiles? “I get so many men who wink at me despite the fact that my profile clearly states ‘NO WINKS!'” Nothing irritates a woman more than a man who does not read her profile.

Women thrive on emotional connections. Pick something interesting from their profile and respond to it when you contact them. You are wasting your time if you cut and paste a form letter to women without first reading their profile. Online dating works, but you must put forth some effort, such as reading a woman’s profile so she knows you made an effort.

5. Avoid “Possession Pictures”: Before you get too worked up about this, keep in mind that I’ve chastised women in the past for posting certain types of pictures with their friends or from a distance. Men frequently display photographs of their possessions, ranging from their car to their Super Bowl tickets. When women look at your online profile, they aren’t concerned with your possessions.

While some women are looking for men to take care of them, women still want to see who you are when they look at your online profile. So post pictures of yourself in various situations. Just make sure that any images you post are clear, up close, and current! Don’t post pictures of yourself with a full head of hair if you don’t have any. It simply will not work. You are, once again, who you are.

There’s no need to act like a salesman in order to meet women. There are plenty of women to meet out there if you represent yourself accurately.

6. There will be no email stalking: You contacted her once and she did not respond. Why? Maybe she didn’t like what you wrote to her. Perhaps she’s preoccupied. Maybe there’s no reason at all. It makes no difference. If a woman does not respond to your first email, send it again a week or ten days later just in case there was a hiccup the first time (and so you won’t have to wonder if there was a hiccup the first time).

This is perfectly acceptable. Sending a woman a barrage of increasingly nasty emails for four or five days asking why she isn’t responding to your emails (or something similarly nasty) is behavior that will make her never want to communicate with you or see you again. To be honest, it’s akin to email stalking. You must move on to someone else after two emails go unanswered.

7. Ditch the One-Liner: I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten from men online whose first contact with them is something akin to a “hello” subject line with a one-line email body containing his phone number and an invitation to call him. “Sally, give me a call sometime – my number is 301-555-5555,” it usually says.

What do men expect women to do in response to this? Call them? You wouldn’t call a total stranger on the Internet if they sent you their phone number and asked you to call them sometime. Women enjoy being intrigued and slightly pursued. You did nothing to pique their interest by sending this one-liner email. If you’re creative in your first email to women you meet online, they’ll offer you their phone numbers.

8. Don’t Be An IM Stalker: Some online dating sites allow you to communicate with people you meet via instant messaging. This has the potential to be fantastic! If you’ve emailed a woman several times and she hasn’t responded, don’t start instant messaging her every time she logs on. You’re going to frighten her! Allow someone to respond (or not respond), but don’t become obsessed with one person.

Check out Yahoo! Personals. There are a LOT of people to date on there. TONS! So, instead of stalking one person with instant messages and making them wish they had never tried online dating in the first place, start stalking multiple people. Respect the fact that someone is not attracted to or interested in you.

Online dating is enjoyable. It can also be difficult at times. The best thing to do is to think of it as an Internet party, and avoid online behaviors that you would never engage in at a real-life party.

Send me an email if you want more online dating advice and/or a way to improve your profile and contacts. I’ve already told you what to avoid… but there’s a lot you can do to improve your online dating success.

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