How Does A Man Fall in Love With A Woman?

What causes a man to fall in love with a woman?

It’s really quite simple.

It goes something like this…

A boy meets a girl.

A modern boy sends a text to a modern girl.

Modern girl texts back modern boy.

A date is set up by a modern boy.

When a modern girl returns home from a date, she texts a modern boy.

A modern boy texts her a goodnight message.

The next morning, modern boy wakes up and tells her what a fantastic time he had.

The modern girl responds by texting.

Modern girl opens herself up to modern boy.

A modern girl does not have bizarre plans seven nights a week. The modern girl informs the modern boy that she is liberated.

A modern girl does not choose to be difficult to get.

A modern girl does not choose to flake. She isn’t just being busy for the sake of being busy.

They move.

They have discussions.

Modern boy and modern girl have fun.

They’re still figuring each other out.

And then, after a while of dating, a modern boy and a modern girl appear to fall in love.

What is it about this modern girl that this modern boy adores above all others?

She made him feel good.

He was validated by her.

She made him feel good about himself.

She admired his qualities and encouraged him to be even better than he is.

She never criticised him.

She couldn’t tell him who she thought he was. She made up a story about who he is.

As you can see, falling in love isn’t all that difficult.

It’s just when a modern boy and modern girl can get on the same page and truly appreciate each other’s beauty.

It is the beauty that makes things so wonderful.

Modern boys and girls are notorious for getting in their own way over and over again. This is why relationships never seem to work out. It’s because modern boys and girls don’t really treat each other as brand new people when they meet for the first time.

You see, modern boy and modern girl are both abundant. In that abundance, they get to know one another. When it comes down to what true love is, they get to know one another.

Love is an adventure. Exploring someone new, someone brilliant, someone fantastic, and not making up a story about what you want them to be… but telling a story about who they are.

There’s no reason to date someone simply for the sake of dating them. There’s no reason to date someone just to create them.

The only way to find love, to fall in love, is to let each other be who they are. Every step of the way, to validate one another. Life tends to work out when you validate each other every step of the way.

That’s how an old-fashioned man and an old-fashioned woman met. Modern boys and girls have simply forgotten that simple fact.

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