Love is an inside job.

Do you truly comprehend love?

Do you know what causes love, where it comes from, and what triggers it?

Do you believe that love is all about chemistry?

A large number of people do.

They’ll tell you that love happens when two people have that special chemistry.

But what if I told you that all that chemistry nonsense is nonsense?

When two people are under the chemical influence of what they believe is a love drug, they tend to disregard all reality.

What happens next is that this chemical reaction, this love drug, lasts long enough for the two lovebirds to believe they’re having the best relationship of their lives, but in reality, the warning signs were there from the start—and they didn’t notice!

When they got sober, they were already walking down the aisle hand in hand, with a bun in the oven and no idea what to do next.

Consider all of your previous relationships; consider every relationship in which you believed you were in love. Now take a look around you—are you still with that person?

Or consider the person you are currently with. Do you still love them as much as you thought you did at first? Do you even like them at all? Sure, you like them as people, but are you in love with them?


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