What Causes Love to Fail?

What causes love to fail?

Most people don’t understand love, so it fails.

People want love to fail because they want it to fail.

People fail to recognize the distinction between chemical and genuine love.

However, another reason that love fails is that people do not understand themselves.

Understanding how you are wired as a person is a critical first step in understanding love.

We all have our own wiring, you see. You are wired for love in a very specific way, regardless of what book you read, what movie you see, or what seminar you attend.

You have a certain energy about you.

There is a specific way in which you must be loved.

There is a specific way to express love.

You have a specific level of activity.

When you’re in love, you have a certain way of communicating.

And if you’re with someone who isn’t similar to you in those small ways, there’s no way you’ll get along.

Sure, you could spend thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars on couples therapy.

Perhaps if you’re single, you can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on dinners and dates…

You can also learn about genuine love.

We’re discussing soul-connection love.

We’re talking about love with out-of-this-world sex.

Scientists have demonstrated this.

All of this can come to you if your love is genuine.

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