The Influence of Falling in Love

I was thinking something.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately.

I can’t get my mind to shut off at night, no matter how hard I try.

When I go through this phase, it always passes.

I never have trouble falling asleep. It’ll take me 15 to 20 minutes, but that’s not a big deal.

So, as I lay in bed percolating thoughts, I considered what it means to fall in love.

I’ve written numerous articles about love, relationships, dating, romance, and sex.

Sometimes I think I’ve written this article at least ten times, but then I wonder, what if I wrote it nine or ten times before, but each time I was at a different stage in my life…

And, because I’m at a different stage in my life, the articles are all different?

We, after all, evolve on a daily basis. And if we truly wrote down all of our thoughts as they evolve and shared them with others, each experience in our lives would grow and grow.

For example, falling in love…

Let’s say you fell in love for the first time when you were in high school.

Puppy love was that type of love.

It was sweet, innocent, new, and exciting, but you really didn’t know what it was, but it was love at the time.

So you fell in love again in your twenties, and then again in your thirties.

Assume you’re in your 40s right now. And it makes no difference what age you are. What matters most is that as you progress in life and fall more deeply in love with yourself, the next person you choose (and they choose you) will fall in love with you more authentically.


You’ll be more exposed than you’ve ever been in your life.

Because the adventure and magic of falling in love is a process that begins when a relationship ends.

When a relationship ends, you process the events, learn your lessons, respect yourself, and put yourself back together.

And you truly love yourself like you’ve never loved yourself before.

As you continue on your path of growing and learning who you are as a result of your previous experience, you begin to embrace a new you, and when you embrace a new you, you are able to create a much stronger, more powerful you.

So the next time you’re in love…

It will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. A sense of, well, true release. Complete reliance on another person.

Connecting your soul, mind, body, and spirit to that person.

Then there’s the feeling that anything is possible.

Because you’ve found someone who will have your back.

Someone who will look out for you and who you can look out for.

It is truly one of the most incredible feelings that we can have as humans.

The connection between soul mates.

I’m sure there’s some karmic reason you’re both together whenever two souls connect.

But I believe that after a lot of work on yourself, after coaching, therapy, and self-therapy as much as therapy with someone else… when you go through your ups and downs and realise that no matter what you do, you’re going to be okay.

It’s at that point that I believe God, the universe, or whatever you believe in will finally deliver the person you’re meant to be with. That will only happen at that precise moment.

Because if you haven’t done the work on yourself and truly examined yourself from the inside out, the universe will continue to bring you frustrating lessons.

Even when the universe sends you the most incredible gift, the person, the soul with whom you are meant to connect. There are still so many lessons in there that you know you can tackle them as they arise, and that is the power of falling in love.

But I do have one last piece of advice for you.

If you don’t put your phones down…

If you don’t work on yourself…

Because you haven’t done the work and aren’t ready for them, the person you’re supposed to be with will be right in front of you, and you won’t even recognise them.

The rest of you are too preoccupied with Instagram and Facebook, or texting someone who isn’t even present…

Consider missing your moments because of a silly Facebook post or a friend who texted you a picture of the food they just ate.

You don’t want to pass up this opportunity.

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