Why Do Men Have Difficulties Saying “I Love You”

Let’s talk about the “peaks and valleys” of dating men.

You met a wonderful man. Alright? Let us consider this hypothetically.

He’s very attentive and wonderful. His actions correspond to his words.

You have fantastic sex. We’re talking about toe-tingling, incredible waves of orgasmic pleasure that make you want to be with this guy for the rest of your life.

You develop feelings for him. He develops feelings for you.

He’s warm and mushy at night, loving and affectionate.

He is loving and expresses his emotions and vulnerable feelings during sex.

But in the morning, it can feel as if you’ve awoken in a completely different world.

He’s not as warm and loving as she is.

In fact, the “I love yous” don’t usually happen during the day. They happen more at night, and it’s extremely perplexing for you as a woman because you’re so emotionally based, and the I love yous are flowing nonstop from your heart through your soul to your mind and into your mouth. But he, well, he seems to be most vulnerable at night. What exactly is going on?

So let me explain it to you. During the day, men transform into gladiators.

We’re not in a mushy mood. We’re on a mission to conquer the world.

We want to take over the world. We need to make money. We need to get stuff done. We’re not in the mood for mush. It’s not that we don’t care about you. It’s not that we don’t remember how we felt the night before.

It’s just that we’re fully committed to taking over the world. That mode is extremely important to us. We would not do well in business meetings if we walked around as emotional mush all the time.

We’d sit there wide-eyed, and a guy would confront us on something we needed to be confronted about, and we were trying to close a deal, and instead of looking at him and calling him out on his shit, we’d look away.

We’d get all mushy and tell him not to worry, I don’t need to do business with you. I adore you!

So, you see, if we’re going to fight, we’re going to fight every day.

It’s just how we are.

We haven’t forgotten about our feelings for you. We actually feel great, so we’re going into battle even stronger than before, even more masculine, even more powerful, even more amazing. Why?

Because we have the night we spent with you. So, don’t get too worked up, and don’t overanalyze anything.

It’s okay if your man is constantly sharing his emotions and feelings during vulnerable times for a man, such as at night, on weekends together, and so on. You shouldn’t expect him to send emojis.

Expect him to say “I love you” all day.

Allow your man to fight. He requires it.

Allow him to use the energy you two exchanged the night before when you made love to make him stronger in battle than he’s ever been. And don’t expect him to be soft all day. He must slay dragons, earn money, and conquer the world. That requires a completely different side of him.

Remember that most men are terrible multitaskers, so feel what they feel. They simply cannot be both mushy and strong at the same time.

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