Everything about dating young girls

I’ve dated women of various ages.

I’ve had relationships with women who were 15 years my junior.

I’ve been in relationships with women. three years younger

I’ve been involved with women my own age.

And I can tell you that there is a significant difference at times.

When you’re dating a younger woman, you almost feel as if she’s your child.

I’m not one of those creepy men who date women 30 years their junior and then say,

“She’s surprisingly mature for her age.” That’s fantastic. She’s far too immature for her age.

That’s fantastic. She’s far too immature for her age.

“Hey, man, we’d like to have sex with this girl. Her body is incredible. She is exceptionally mature for her age.”

She could be. She could be 26. What are you doing at 56 years old? She may act like a 27-year-old, but she doesn’t act like a 56-year-old, and the truth is that if you think she’s mature for her age and you can relate to her on every level, it means you’re immature for your age.

Boom. That is where it originates. You’re too young for your age. Consider that.

I truly believe that there will be times when you date younger women that you will feel as if you are talking to your daughter or someone who has not lived through what you have.

Nothing is wrong with that.

It just goes with the territory. It comes with the territory; it’s the truth.

When you let your mind and brain do the talking, you’ll actually see someone who isn’t the equal you believe they are.

When it comes to sex, the mind can be very deceiving. Show a man a pair of tits he’s never seen before, and his mind melts.

Show a man a pussy shot that women will send men, naked photos, and other things, and his mind will turn to mush.

It distorts judgment.
Sex always obscures judgment.
He’ll miss things.

A real, true relationship, on the other hand, is a series of ups and downs, growth and everything else, and putting up with someone’s immaturity at times while also acknowledging, hey, they are younger than me.

What they’re going through is similar to what I went through when they were their age.

I can support them, even if it drives me insane at times, but I don’t want to bring them up to my level because they won’t be on my level at that level.

That is correct.

Simple as that.

How do you feel about that, all you older men who have found every reason to date younger women (except for what it truly is, an egotistical, physical, and sexual thing)?

Sure, she may bring something to the table that will actually improve your life, but she hasn’t gone through the emotional experiences you have.

She hasn’t had the same life experiences that you have, so she won’t be able to help you with some of the things you may require.

That is what you must consider.
It’s fine if you can put up with being her guardian at times, but please don’t come to me and tell me you’re 30 years older than someone and they’re mature for their age.

My response will be that if you believe she is as mature as you, the reality is that you are as immature as she is.

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