You Should Most Likely Stop Dating

Here are some of the reasons why you should stop dating.

It’s simply not working out for you.

You lack the mental fortitude to deal with people not choosing you.

You simply do not have the time to do it.

You give up so easily.

You don’t want to work on your interpersonal skills.

You create a victim story that makes you feel like it’ll never work, so you might as well keep creating the self-fulfilling prophecy that you’re living into every day.

Oh, I could keep going and going.

Aren’t you hoping for me to literally give you permission to stop dating for good? Some of you, I believe, are.

So I’ll include some more lovely ladies.

There are no good men in your area.

Why don’t you just quit?

Why don’t you adopt the same cynical attitude toward dating and meeting someone to love that you do in your professional life?

Why don’t you do the same with your career? Because if you did, you’d be broke, both emotionally and financially, because you’re unwilling to grow up and admit that you’re looking for love.

Love is not something that is given out on the street.

Love is not something that is given out on phones, despite what we believe because we believe we can swipe for love.

Love is not something that appears when you order a program.

You only hear it once.

Then you think you’ll be able to go out and meet people and find love right away.

It just doesn’t really work that way at all.

In fact, if love was so easy to find, everyone would find it.

When you’re driving down the road, look around and knock on the window of someone else’s car, saying, excuse me, are you driving for love? Because I am right now, and I have no desire to do any work on myself to go find it.

I have love in my life, you see.

I have the most stunning, amazing girlfriend on the planet.
I adore her more than anyone else.

Why am I able to say that, and how did I come across such a wonderful relationship?

Because I put in the effort!

And I didn’t give up.

Because I’ve been on a lot of bad first dates.

There were numerous mini-relationships that did not work out for me.

In addition, I had a number of long-term relationships that did not work out.

The list is endless. Did I give up?


That’s correct. Never.

Did I ever take a break from dating to work on myself? Absolutely.

But I never stopped dating, and you’re probably wondering why.

The answer is straightforward.

I never gave up because I knew that everything in life that you truly want and desire requires time and effort.

If someone did not want to be with me, I never took it personally.

I never said any of the above things at the start of this article and used them as excuses.


Because I was convinced that I would find wonderful love.

Did it come at a high price? Absolutely

Did it take a long time? Absolutely.

But, in the end, was it worthwhile? Oh my God, yes.

Every morning, I get to wake up knowing that I’ve found the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my entire life, and it’s been worth every step of the journey.

So you can either quit, give up on dating, and just be a total failure in life, which is exactly what it is.

And you can really go into the story you think the story is, or you can create a whole new story and just keep moving forward, gaining the skills, getting the coaching and advice you need, and really creating a whole new story of possibility for yourself.

You have a choice.

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