Nobody Uses the Best Dating Advice

I’ve already scheduled a date.

Then, two hours before the date, at 6:00 p.m., she’ll text me with a lame excuse for why they can’t meet.

The excuse is usually the same one we’ve heard before.

It’s always about work…

I’ve had a difficult week at work…

I have a deadline…

I had a very stressful day, and I now have a headache…

I still have to stay late at work…

We’ve heard it a million times. There has to be some white little lie floating around the Internet that you can tell people to get them to cancel a date.

Because people keep using the same ones over and over.

People will e-mail me and say, they said this, what should I do?

It’s really that simple.

What would you do in such a situation? You e-mail or text her back, however the chicken chose, and say, “that doesn’t work for me.”

Simply put, you advocate for yourself.

You’ll say, hey, I understand work gets in the way, but canceling two hours ahead of time shows me the type of person you are.

As a result, I don’t believe we need to reschedule.

Boom. You landed the knockout blow. Instead of saying, “I understand, it’s okay, you can flake on me at the last minute,” why don’t you say that? I don’t have any self-esteem, so I’ll be fine.

We can reschedule another night for you to flake on me, and I’ll do the same because I’m desperate and have no self-esteem. If you say that, you’re literally saying that.

I truly believe that the person who flakes on you is revealing their character, and we can speculate all day about why they flaked, what was going on, or what the true reason is, because I doubt it’s work if she’s used that excuse before.

Perhaps they are simply afraid to date.

Perhaps they do not have the time to date.

Perhaps they are afraid to show up.

Perhaps they do not resemble their photographs.

Who cares about the reason!?

The only thing you need to know is that they demonstrated their personality.

And their character appeared as someone who does not value you or your time.

made plans with them instead of making plans with someone else, and they did not respect your time.

What do you think? That means they didn’t respect you and canceled two hours in advance.

Why should it matter?

It makes no difference why.

They lied and made up an excuse.

They’ve already proven to you that they’re a liar who doesn’t value your time, so why would you want to go out with them again?

I truly believe that the person who flakes on you is revealing their character, and we can speculate all day about why they flaked or what they flaked on. It’s not the same as if someone cancels at 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. and says, hey, I’ve got a crazy day right now. My day could be much longer, and I would prefer to see you on a night when I am less rushed or stressed. And they gave you another time frame.

That, to me, is a legitimate reason.
But what about at the last second?

Seriously, fuck off with that excuse.

That is someone who does not deserve to be respected.

Actually, you should dismiss them back into the universe because you need to realize that they did you a favor, and that favor was that you don’t need to be around someone who doesn’t respect you or your time.

Simple as that.

Continue on. Continue forward.

It’s all part of dating in this crazy world we’ve created, so move on.

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