5 Reasons You Didn’t Make It Past The First Date

The issue with many of these women is that they bring their business side with them on dates. They’re on a date with interrogators.

They never flirt. They sit there and conduct a date in the manner of a business interview. They question the man and put him on the spot.

Here are five reasons why you can’t seem to get past the first date:

You’re treating your date like a business meeting: When a woman isn’t very flirtatious, the guy will feel as if he’s just been on a job interview. He’ll be perplexed as to why this woman interrogated him for two hours. He’ll be wondering why she asked him on the first date whether he wants to have children and how many.

I’ve seen women do this numerous times. They believe that by asking all of these questions on a first date, they are weeding out the wrong guys. They are, however, conducting a business interview. A date is not the same as a business interview. A date gives you the opportunity to be flirtatious, have fun, and be sexy and playful.

You’ll find out the answers to all of the questions you’re asking the guy. You’ll find out about everything you seem too eager to know on date number one within the first month. You don’t have to go into detail about them on the first date.

You Compete With The Guy: So many women who compete with men in the business world also compete with men on dates. When I was single, I didn’t mind if a woman made more money than I did as long as she didn’t interrogate me on our date.

I don’t have to be the breadwinner because I’m a man. I simply want to feel wanted and desired, both sexually and emotionally. The issue is that many of these women will not allow a man to feel that way on a date. They are ballbreakers.

You Don’t Flirt: On a date, you should flirt. Period. What exactly do I mean by flirting? Look a guy in the eyes, smile, compliment him, and laugh at what he says. You’re just in business mode if you don’t do these things. This is something that a lot of people do. They remain in business mode rather than flirtatious, fun mode.

No Touching: Another thing that many women overlook on a first date is touching. No, I don’t mean groping or touching a guy in an overtly sexual way. However, not touching a guy at all is a mistake. As you walk, touch his hands or his shoulder. If you don’t touch a guy at all, you’re not engaging in sexual communication. Touching a guy in this way is a nice, subtle way to show him you’re interested.

You’re Not Hinting: Would you like to get together again? You should drop some hints. Men appreciate subtle hints. Assume you’re having dinner with him and he mentions his favorite band (which happens to be a favorite band of yours as well). Instead of simply stating that you enjoy that band’s music, say something like, “I believe they’ll be performing here soon.” By doing so, the guy is more likely to say something like, “If they play here soon, you and I are going.” It reminds me of fishing. The man will take the bait if you drop it. You must drop the hint so that the man will ask you out again.

If this describes you — if you’re a successful woman who goes on a lot of first dates but almost no second dates — you need to reconsider your approach. You’re starting to get dates. That is half the battle won. The other half is how you behave on those dates. That could be the most difficult battle for you.

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