Why Do Men Notice Other Women?

So you’re dating a guy, and his Facebook page is open to one of his hot female friends.

If you ask him who she is, he’ll say she’s just a friend of his.

So, of course, as a woman, you’ll start being a little bit of an interrogator, asking him how he knows her.

You won’t be satisfied with his response because you already suspect something is wrong.

And you really want to know the real answer: you really want to know why he’s on Facebook looking at hot women.

Men look at hot women for the same reasons they watch instant replay. A man enjoys looking at beautiful women—pictures, movies, whatever. We’ve been that way since we first saw our first Playboy magazine.

Ladies, this does not imply that we want to sleep with them!

It simply means that we are normal guys. You’d be dating an abnormal man if we never looked at another woman again.

We’re not communicating with her; we’re not doing anything; we’re just looking into her.

Men enjoy investigating new things. Men enjoy looking at photographs. Men enjoy watching instant replay.

Men enjoy simply staring at women.

Don’t start interrogating him the next time you see him. Just remember that it’s not a big deal.

His eyes may be on another woman, but his heart is entirely yours.

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