How to Increase His Desire for You

One of the best things you can do to make a guy want you more on a date is to lean in towards him at the end of the date, letting your lips touch his ear as you whisper, “I had a great time tonight.” You then walk away.

Allow his gaze to follow you as you depart. As you walk away, he will follow the shape of your body, and you will leave him wanting more.

You didn’t give him a kiss on the lips. You didn’t give him a peck on the cheek. You didn’t even give him a handshake or a hug. You did nothing more than whisper in his ear.

Do you understand why this works? It works because it clearly and unambiguously communicates to him exactly what you want, namely, that you are interested in him (and in him wanting you) but not in a desperate manner.

Consider the alternatives. None of them achieves both of these goals. If you kiss him on the cheek, he will assume you are putting him in the friend zone. If you only kiss him on the lips (without involving at least a little bit of tongue), he’ll wonder if you’re just being friendly.

However, if you whisper in his ear, he will become so turned on that he will follow you around like a puppy dog from then on.

What happens when someone whispers in your ear – even if it’s just to say “I’ll be right back” or “It’s so great to see you” or whatever – it immediately brings to mind some great sex you had with someone who whispered certain things in your ear.

So here’s a little trick you can use to not only make a guy want you, but also get him to call you right away. This will not make a guy think you’re going to sleep with him right then and there. When you do this, the only thing a guy will think is that you are one cool lady.

Do you want to know how I know this? I know this because every time a woman did it to me, I couldn’t take my mind off her for hours.

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