Do You Consider Yourself Mr. Boring?

Do women constantly walk away from you when you approach them, as if you have the plague?

Is it just you, or does it seem like every time you approach a woman, she runs for the hills?

When you talk to a girl, does she roll her eyes or look off into the distance, looking for help, or does she check her phone every few seconds?

I hate to tell you this, but I’m going to be honest with you right now, and it may not make you feel very good – don’t worry, I’ll make you feel fantastic about yourself later in this post – but right now, I’m going to tell you the truth.

Do women find you boring?

You’re boring.

That’s correct. You are completely uninteresting to women.

Have you noticed what I just said? To females.

When you’re with your friends, that doesn’t mean you’re boring to guys. It does not imply that you are boring with your family or at work.

In fact, you could be the funniest guy at your office’s water cooler.

You could be the guy who everyone looks up to and hangs on every word you say because your stories are so amazing.

But with women, it’s a different story.

Mr. Boring, you are.

Let’s review the facts. We’re going to confront them right now, and you know what? It’s going to hurt.

But you must hear it.

You’re boring.

You are, indeed, boring to women.

So, how do you avoid being boring?

To begin with, guys who are boring to women are always stiff when they talk to them, so how can you be your positive, amazing self? The one that everyone else notices?

I’m sure if I sat down with you for lunch right now, we’d have a lot to talk about.

I wouldn’t be rolling my eyes; I’d be hanging on every word because you’re this fantastic, great guy, and I’m sure we can talk, bond, relate, and listen to one another and have a great time.

But what about women? Whew. You’re like the most boring guy on the planet the moment you start talking to women, texting them, or doing anything with them.

They can see you coming from a mile away. They actually run away from you when they see you coming because your subconscious and conscious mind are telling you over and over that you don’t deserve women, that you’re boring, plain and simple.

You haven’t realised that women, like men, are human beings who can be communicated with in the same way.

You see, you’ve been reading advice from so-called dating experts on the Internet. You know, all those guys out there who basically proclaim that they know what they’re doing and use terms like approach anxiety and sexual escalation? And they teach you how to talk to women differently, how to memorise different things, and you can’t say this and you have to do this.

You know who those guys are, don’t you? They’re excellent marketers, but also Mr. Boring. I’ve met a lot of them at so-called conventions, sat down and talked to them, and watched them try to approach a woman, and guess what?

They can brainwash you and convince you that you need to change your ways, but in reality, my friends, they can’t approach women without being boring.

Approaching Without Thinking

When I speak to a woman for the first time, I don’t think about anything.

I’m not thinking about how I should sexually escalate her.

And, when you look at the visual of sexual escalation, what exactly does that mean? Is she naked as she rides up an escalator? There she is, she is escalating right now, she is about to reach the top floor, she is naked, go talk to her because you are sexually escalating her on the escalator.

I don’t use any unusual terminology.

Everything I do is go over there with this mindset and belief system.

This lovely lady I’m about to approach, you see, she and I are already together. Because this woman is someone I can hang out with. I can have sex with her if I want. If I want, she could be my girlfriend. That’s how I see things.

Everything is determined by one’s mindset. When I go to talk to her, I’m cool, calm, and collected.

I tell her about what’s going on in my life. I’m not going to say something strange that will disrupt her train of thought. I’m immediately swooping into her life. And right away, we’re having this effortless, amazing conversation about stuff. Real life, personal life, whatever is going on right now.

I’m basically speaking to her in the same way that I would to you. And that’s what binds her to me, because I’m not like all the other boring guys who approach her and try to say something so clever that she looks at you and thinks to herself, this guy probably bought some type of really dumb course teaching him how to meet women using pick-up lines and he tried one on me because he’s got low self-esteem and he’s actually boring because he thinks his own personality sucks and I’m going to roll my eyes and say, And maybe if he asks for my phone number, I’ll give it to him, but then he’ll text me and bore me even more, and I’ll roll my eyes and never call him back.


So, you know what? That doesn’t have to be your life. In fact, my friend, that life will no longer be your life because you are here right now, reading something that will change your life, that will show you how to do things.

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