How To Create Immediate Attraction In Women

It’s incredible how words can implant subliminal messaging in a woman’s brain. I’ve got a great video for you today about what I call the “We Factor.”

It’s how you address her. It’s how you come across the first time you communicate with her. Your first interaction will determine how she perceives you. The word “we” is fantastic. When you say something like, “WE need to get together. WE HAVE TO GO OUT. WE need to check out that movie.”

When you plant the seed in her mind right away, she immediately thinks of you as boyfriend and girlfriend. This works in a variety of ways because she may be dating other guys, but those other guys are unlikely to include the “we factor” in their relationship.

She may have dated another guy before meeting you, but he did not commit.

All women, you see, want to fall in love.

All women want a man who is ready to commit. So, by using specific words when speaking to her, you will activate the commitment gene she carries in her DNA. When you activate that gene, she will want to commit to you right away. She won’t notice because everything is subliminal.

This is not a technique for seducing women. This is not something you use to try to seduce a woman and get her into bed — so you won’t be able to call her again. This is something you can use if you like a woman. The cool thing is that it’s the same way you’re triggered.

Accept it. You enjoy knowing she is thinking about you. We all enjoy words of affirmation, and we all feel good when someone likes us or predicts our future.

It will help you learn the “inner game,” as the guys call it.

You’ll have a better understanding of how women think and what they want. Try it out. In a strong manner. You’ll notice an increase in your connections with women… and she’ll be sure to call you back because you’ve got her thinking about the future with you.

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