The Influence of Sleep Over

Many of you are obsessed with the idea of seducing a woman. You’re desperate to figure out how to get her to your house so you can have sex with her. A sleepover is one of the most beautiful seduction techniques that no guy ever really seems to talk about.

A sleepover is a lot of fun. That’s right, I invited a woman to a sleepover. Make it as innocent as you did as a child. Tell her about how you’ll raid the fridge in the middle of the night if you’re hungry. That you’ll read her bedtime stories and talk until the early hours of the morning, or until your neighbours ask you to be quiet. That is, assuming you no longer live with your parents.

Tell her you’re going to have a pillow fight and that she should bring her favourite pair of pyjamas. It’s one of the most beautiful, innocent aspects of first dating and liking someone.

Most people want to have sex as soon as they start liking and dating someone. They can’t wait to see what she’s like in bed, and they can’t wait to do all of those things. However, for a woman, it is all about feeling safe and building trust.

That is the enchantment of a new relationship. When it comes to sex, the safer she feels and the more trusting she is, the more she will want to give herself to you.

Sleeping over is part of the process. As with any relationship, you’ll eventually start having sex. That’s exactly what happens. But you’ll never be able to go back in time. It’s innocent and enjoyable at first.

Curling up to watch a movie, then crawling into bed and cuddling all night. Speaking, touching, but no sex. The next morning, we awoke to see each other for the very first time. That’s all part of the seduction that no one ever talks about, and it’s some of the best foreplay you’ll ever have, in my opinion.

A sleepover is something that most guys don’t think about, but it’s something you should do. It’s innocent, it’s beautiful, and it’ll make a woman feel things she probably hasn’t felt in a long time.

Try it the next time you’re hot for a woman and really want to be with someone. Propose a sleepover and see what happens. Refrain from acting on your sexual desires.

Simply be a man and make her feel secure. Curl up, watch a movie, make her breakfast in the morning, and then watch how she sexually expresses herself to you. Build trust, make her feel safe, and have fun, because that’s what dating should be about.

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