What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Confidence

You wake up every single day and you think to yourself, today is going to be a good day. You’ve studied to improve your skills in whatever area of your life is bothering you.

You prepare yourself for the day ahead, and then you face your first challenge.

The first challenge is thrown at you, and you fail. No matter how much positive self-talk or boo-hoo you have, the universe throws a challenge at you and you fall flat on your face.

You believe to yourself that today was not supposed to be like this.

It was supposed to be a pleasant day. I wasn’t supposed to fail so quickly in my life.

You begin to get into your head.

“The next time this opportunity presents itself, I’ll do better,” you think.

And then the opportunity will appear again 20 minutes later. And because you’re so afraid of it happening again because the day isn’t exactly manifesting and showing up the way you expected, you fail right away.

You are now spiraling. You begin to spiral out of control.

“Oh man, I can’t believe it,” you think to yourself. Today’s total is two. Today has seen two failures. So, what will I do?

You begin to delve deeper into your mind. You start thinking more, and then another opportunity presents itself, and you try it, but you’re in and out of the opportunity so quickly that you’re not really there.

But you don’t want to fail, but you also don’t want to fail.

And you don’t want it to happen again because you don’t like the feeling and it ruins your entire day. How many times has this happened to you in whatever endeavor you are attempting?

It could be something as simple as meeting women.

Men are flirting with me.

I’m working out.

Whatever the case may be. So, what are you going to do?

What should you do when this situation arises?

You have to recognize it as a test. You could quit and blame the system for not working; whatever system you have memorized or implemented in your life or belief system, to put it simply.

But there is no such thing as 100% success in life. So the belief system may not work at that time, and the opportunity may not work. It does not imply that the system is inoperable. So what you need to do is you need to look at your day and say to yourself, I had a few minor setbacks.

I’m going to put my faith in the system I set up. And when another opportunity presents itself, I’m not going to think about the previous ones that caused me stress. I’m just going to give it my all because I know the day is going to be fantastic.

You have to push through it. It’s no different when a quarterback throws two interceptions early in the game and the team is down 14-0 before even running three offensive plays versus two offensive plays and interceptions. There’s nothing else you can do but keep going. You must accept that if you put in the effort, you may not be rewarded the first or second time. You could have made a blunder. It’s fine to make a mistake.

But the only way to grow is to truly say to yourself –

“I’m just going to keep going and doing this until I get it right because I don’t expect immediate success.”

Because if you quit for the day, you have to start the next day, and the same thing could happen the next day.

That is my advice for today.

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