If you despise dating, you’ll love this…

Conversions that are profound?



But, what comes to mind when you hear the phrase “dating life”?

Many of you have told me that you hear words like frustration.

I hear the word terror.

So I’d like to put a different spin on it, a different angle on it. Wouldn’t we expect to fall in love if we walked around and called it our love life?

Consider this. What we say becomes what we believe.

Our beliefs influence our actions.

So, if we go around saying, “My love life is great,”….

I just want to fall in love every single day…

I believe in romance, in soul connections, and in awesome sex…

Kisses that are deep, passionate, and last for hours…

Instead of dating and staring at each other across a table…

Would your perspectives shift? Would your life be different?

Why don’t you just imagine it as a romantic evening with a complete stranger? Do something more romantic that you would normally do.

Take a stroll. Take a look at the moon.

Take a look at the waves on the beach.

Connect and converse. Be genuine. Be raw. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Because this is your personal life, not a dating one.

Dating appears to be an exchange of information and stories, but hopefully the stories and information will match so that the two can try again.

But if you reframe it as your love life and it’s not as structured as a “dating life,” you might go out with the intention of falling in love.

I know some of you have reservations and have low self-esteem… So, aren’t you setting yourself up for failure?

Not at all.

I’d rather fall in love 50 times a year until I finally fall in love with someone who will be there for the long haul. I’d rather fall in love and live in the moment than sit around and tell stories.

I’m not interested in what you and your ex did. I’m interested in who you want to be right now.

I’m interested in the lessons you’ve learned and how you’ve accepted your past and made the necessary changes to have a successful love life.

You must be fearless in order to love. You must be fearless in order to live. To be successful in anything, you must not be afraid.

Change the word that comes after it.

It’s a love life, not a dating life.

Check to see if it changes your perspective or the way you meet. See if it affects how you fall in love.

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