The Most Common Mistake Men Make When Dating

Let’s face it: most of you just want to sit in front of your screens and date all day.

It’s similar to ordering pizza from Domino’s.

I’m looking for a blonde.

I’m looking for a brunette.

But here’s what a lot of men do, and it’s the number one complaint that women have.

This is going to be a quick read. Because we, as men,

So let me tell you something quickly.

It astounds me how many women complain to me about how many men will ask for a naked picture within the first day or two of texting and getting to know them.

Who do you think you’re going to meet? Porn celebrities?

You’ve already seen photos of her on the internet.

You’ve seen her pictures on an app.

You need to stop requesting naked pictures.

She will not give them to you. And are you still seeing the woman who gave them to you previously? Did you show her respect?

So don’t bother asking. It immediately makes you appear to them as a complete pervert and idiot.

Keep your cool. If you really want to meet her, go ahead and do it. Pay attention to her. Listen to her if you truly want to get to know her.

Do you really want to have sexual relations with her? Take her advice.

How many times can I tell you to listen to her before you realize you need to listen to her?

These are the most common complaints from women. So all I’m doing is acting as a conduit.

I’m simply telling you to stop.

It is not beneficial to anyone.

Never having a great woman like all of you desire.

So, take this advice. Alternatively, do not follow it.

It is entirely up to you. For the most part, all you want is sex, but the truth is that you won’t get it until you grow the fuck up.

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