Ladies, here’s why masculine women are always alone:

I’m going to be completely honest with you all right now.

I admire superfeminine women.

I admire nurturing and compassionate women.

I dislike ball-busting women with excessive masculine energy, and there are a lot of feminist ball-busting women out there right now.

I’m talking to you right now, if you’re one of these hyper-masculine women.

You’re alone because you take your profession into the bedroom. You take your career and apply it to dating, and you interrogate men when you’re dating them.

That is the reason you are alone.

If you’re a strong-willed, independent woman, I admire you. I’m proud of you and what you’ve accomplished in the workplace. I’m very proud of you. You bought a condo and established a career for yourself.


But many women, like you, want an alpha male, a strong man, and you’re not sure why you can’t find one.

Let me tell you something: a strong masculine man desires a very feminine woman; he desires a woman who makes him feel like the king. We don’t care if you slaughtered 14 men in the boardroom that afternoon. When we return home, we want those roles to be man to woman—us as the man and you as the woman.

We want you to think of us as your king.

We won’t feel that way if you bust our balls and interrogate us like you do in the office.

That doesn’t work with strong-willed men. That is simply not sexy.

So, to all of you very feminist, masculine women who have the “I can do anything and I don’t need a man” attitude—I know you do. I’ve approached quite a few of you. I understand you want a man. I know you want to be wrapped in the arms of a strong man.

The problem is that the ball busting feminist women always attract wimpy men because the strong man does not want to put up with that. A strong man wants you to be a strong woman during the day and a sensual feminine creature at night, melting into his strong embrace.

Life is about energy, and everything is in balance. Two masculine energies cannot coexist for long in the same space.

So remember that, ladies.

Keep that in mind, you corporate power suits, you dragon-slaying executives from 9 to 5.

Put your armour away. Remove the shield and sword, and you might just find the man you’ve been looking for.

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