Why Do Men Avoid Approaching and Pursuing You?

You’ll probably see one of the major reasons why you’re having trouble meeting men (which many women are unaware of)!

I see groups of women sitting together everywhere I go. They’re conversing, but not with each other. They’re texting on their phones. It’s incredible. On a Friday night, you’ll see eight women out together, and each of them will be looking at their phone, smiling and laughing.

They will not be facing each other. They’ll all be looking down at their smartphones. And three things will be happening at the same time. They’ll be texting, using social media, or browsing Facebook. I don’t consider Facebook to be social media because it has its own little pretend friend world. To me, social media is more about Instagram and Twitter.

I feel like I’ve said it a million times, but smartphones continue to take over the world. We’re so stupid to let our phones take over. It is a smart phone because it recognises your dependence on it.

In today’s video, you’ll see what I see on a daily basis.

You’ll see women who aren’t connecting with one another, women who aren’t connecting with men who are looking at them, and women who are completely unaware of the men around them. I’m not claiming that women are solely to blame. Men do it as well, but I would argue that women are more addicted to their phones than men because you enjoy the validation. You enjoy posting pictures on social media and are constantly texting.

What you don’t realise is that your phone is literally’man-repellent’. Men require motivation, a good vibe, a smile… something. Most men require more than that to approach you and begin flirting with you. And they get nothing from you when you’re distracted by your phone.

It’s like carrying around 24-hour gossip so you can check in on your other sorority sisters. I’m not here to trash you or tear you apart; I’m here to help you overcome some of the mistakes you’re making by not meeting men.

Not getting along with the right man. You’re about to learn why your phone isn’t the best date and how to be more present in today’s world.

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