Is This the Reason Why Men Don’t Approach You?

Do you recall your childhood? I’m talking about two or three years old. Did you have any kind of comforter?

Some children use a pacifier, while others carry a small blanket around like Linus in Snoopy, and still others have a teddy bear or other cuddly toy. When you try to take a child’s comforter away from them, they usually freak out and have a meltdown. What did you use to comfort yourself as a child, and what would you say if I told you,

You can’t meet men or men won’t approach you because of a comforter?

Imagine walking into your favourite coffee shop or restaurant and finding a grown woman sitting in the corner, sucking on her thumb and clutching a large blue blanket.

She’s gripping the thing so tightly that you’d need a truck and a toe rope to pry it away from her. Imagine walking into the same location and seeing a man sucking on a massive pacifier. What are your thoughts on them?

When you’re out there with your head buried in your iPhone or tablet device, you’re doing exactly that. We appear to have lost our ability to sit in public without clinging to some kind of digital device for company.

Phones and tablets have become our constant companions. They’ve evolved into our safety blankets, shielding you from the evil outside world. But here’s the catch…

Men will not approach you if you are staring down at your phone and appear to be preoccupied. If I’m sitting next to you and I notice you staring at your phone, I’m not going to bother trying to strike up a conversation because you clearly don’t want to communicate.

Obviously, if you have to answer a phone call or a text message, this is not the case. That, however, is not the case. Everywhere I go, I see people constantly looking at their phones. People are staring at their phones for long periods of time, which is unattractive.

It’s time to put down the Linus blanket and start talking to people!

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