6 Ways to Tell If Your Date Is Interested in You

1) He’ll be leaning into you as you speak.

2) His attention will be drawn to you.

3) Turn around quickly when you get up from the table and walk to the bathroom… If he’s attracted to you, he’ll be looking at your behind as you walk away from him. And, yes, you can catch him and return his smile by using the quick turn around.

4) He will bring up the subject of sex at some point during the evening. If a man is attracted to a woman, he will be unable to refrain from discussing sex with her.

5) He will reach over and touch you once or twice, possibly on the arm, to see if you will react to him.

6) Another thing he’ll do is use the word “we” a lot… He’ll be saying things like “we have to do this” and “we have to do that.” He’s trying to elicit information from you in order to determine whether he and you will become a “we.”

Men are a lot like Scooby Doo… They must be rewarded.

These are some indicators that a man is interested in you. Here’s one more hint. If he doesn’t look away from you the entire night… if he doesn’t look at any other women in the room the entire night — you’ve got him hooked!

Ladies, it’s your turn now. It’s past time you revealed all of your attraction secrets to the men on this website.

What do you do when you’re on a date with a man and you’re oozing with attraction?

What are some signs that you want to be kissed?

What are some things you could say to him to let him know you want him in your bed that night?

Have some fun with this one…

I’m sure the guys will want to know everything.

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