Desire Love: Two Methods for Making It Happen

In today’s society, the word “love” is overused. Everyone expresses a desire for a relationship. “I want to fall in love.”

It’s not something you can buy in a store. Those who believe they can order it online, well, you know how online dating works.

You must first do these two things in order to attract love. Otherwise, you will never find love.

  1. You must create a vision board.

You must also be able to manifest it.

I’m not sounding like an airy fairy who spends all day in his birkenstocks in a stupid Venice, California vegan cafe. I’m referring to actual events.

You see, in order to receive love, you must first be love. To be love, you must first become love. I know you’ve heard this cliche a million times, but in reality, it will never happen unless you understand how everything works.

Too many people want love, too many people ask for love, and too many people have no idea what love is. So what you need to do is create your own love blueprint.

Your love blueprint is a one-of-a-kind blueprint that only you have, and it includes the following elements:

It includes what you’re looking for. You should be as specific as possible about what you’re looking for in a future partner.

You can’t just go to the grocery store and make a laundry list of things to buy. You can’t look at it and think, I want them to be affectionate.

I require their affection.

I want someone who is intelligent.

Because everyone has a different definition of what it means to be affectionate, loving, and intelligent.

For example, I once dated a woman who claimed to be the most affectionate person on the planet.

She’d take a seat next to me on the sofa and hold my hand.

I enjoy holding hands. It’s fantastic, in my opinion. However, when you sit on the sofa, a hand should move.

I’d look at her hand and wonder where the compartment to change the batteries was. When she was sleeping, I would always look for a place where I could unscrew and insert some batteries because her body was not functioning properly.

She claims to be great in bed and to enjoy great sex, but my idea of great sex was long, hot, passionate lovemaking sessions.

Hers was a seven-minute romp in the hay, and that was it. You see, when you’re clear about what your love blueprint is, you’ll be able to spot someone who is a carbon copy of you.

Because if you are not definitive, you will get someone who is good in bed on their own terms and affectionate in their own way, leaving you unsatisfied.

  1. The physical vision board.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but cut out magazine articles and information about the house you want to live in with your partner. It could be the house you’re currently in. Clip out everything you want your partner to look like, including their physical condition. Because you are now coordinating the visual brain with the mental and emotional brains, you can begin recognizing and looking at the people who have physically appealed to you.

You must understand that you will manifest this if you begin to believe in it.

In life, we get back what we put out. I could tell you exactly what kind of woman I like if I closed my eyes. I like thin women, and I like women with a great butt.

I like a woman with long hair and an absolute smile that lights up a room. I could go into more detail about mine, but this isn’t about mine.

I know the image in my head physically because I’ve been able to dream about it, think about it, and meditate on it. So, when I see the person, I see the physical person, but when I go over and talk to her, I feel the inner person, so the inside matches the outside.

Begin doing this work, and if you’re serious about discovering your unique blueprint,?

Because once you accept your unique blueprint, you will be able to truly find the love you desire and deserve.

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