The Best Movies For Date Night

I was thinking about some of my favorite date night movies the other day. First and foremost, as you are all aware, I believe that going on a movie date in the first couple of dates is a bad idea. Why?

You don’t know the person very well yet. So you end up taking them to the movies, sitting in silence, and wondering what they’re thinking. I recall the first time I went to a date night movie. It was absolutely hilarious. At the time, I was in high school. All I could think about at the time was:

When am I going to make the move?

When should I take her hand in mine? When should I kiss her? Do we see each other in the film?

I believe that movies and dating have long been mocked. There used to be drive-in movie theaters in the 1950s and 1960s. You would actually drive up to a post, put this speaker box inside your car, and listen to the movie that way. The sound, however, was unimportant. Drive-ins were all about the extracurricular activities that took place in the car.

For many years, movies and dating have been synonymous. Again, I believe that movies and dating should be avoided until you really get to know someone and are comfortable sitting in silence. For the first few dates, at least. But let’s pretend you’ve met someone. She’s hot, great, sexy, and you enjoy watching movies with her.

It would be fantastic to be able to sit back, relax, and watch movies together at home. Movie dates with people you barely know are a lot of fun. You can talk, hang out, and even get on the couch and kiss. So here are some of my favorite date night films:


You Have Mail

Sleepless nights in Seattle

Mr. Jerry McGuire

9 and a half weeks

The Book of Mormon

Crazy, Idiot Love

50 First Date Ideas

The Three Kings

Paris at 12 a.m.

Point for Match

Barcelona Vicky Christina

There is no way out.

The Graduation

Wide shut eyes

On a Glistening Pond

Wedding Guests


(Who can forget the scene where he hits on the girl at the bar and then calls her 14 times in a row?


Samson is a scumbag.


Annie Hall is an actress.

There are numerous others I could add to this list. There are numerous dramas and thrillers that could be entertaining as well.

Coming over, curling up on the sofa, making a small dinner, watching a movie, and snuggling is my favorite date night / movie night. Of course, this is when you’re already at ease with each other. You can always go to the movies, but you should wait until you’ve developed some intimacy and trust between the two of you.

You must be at ease sitting in silence. When I think back to that 15-year-old guy, I don’t remember seeing a single movie on a date in high school. And I went on a lot of movie dates because I would spend the entire time thinking:

What exactly is she thinking? Is she interested in me?

And, let’s face it, many of us have the same boyhood thoughts running through our heads.

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