3 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Dating Life

  1. Recognize that there are times when there is no follow-up date.

Nothing kills the excitement of dating faster than rejection. You feel small and like you’re back in high school. In some ways, it appears that you have failed.

The best advice I can give you is to not be concerned about these people. I can tell you from years of experience that they’re no longer interested, and it’s not because you’re a “good-time girl” or aren’t relationship material.

Here’s how it works:

Dating is a series of tests to see if you’re ready to commit to a more stable, full-time relationship with the person sitting next to you. The majority of dates are canceled before they even begin. I can’t even count how many three-and-dones, one-and-dones, and two-and-dones I’ve had in my dating career…

I don’t take anything personally, and you shouldn’t either. If a guy doesn’t call you back, don’t let your imagination run wild with stories. Women are constantly replaying every detail.

Did he think I was attractive enough?

Maybe the dress made me look fat…

He could tell I wasn’t as bright as him.

It’s unlikely that you did anything out of the ordinary. He wasn’t feeling the connection for whatever reason, and it could be anything. You should be happy. You appear to be drawing from the correct pool. No man is going to abandon you. If they don’t like it, they leave. The alternative is far more painful, believe me.

  1. Every ‘wrong’ guy moves you closer to The Right One.

Do you know what I mean? The spark that ignites a serious relationship cannot occur with every guy you meet on a date. You can’t expect every guy you meet to fall in love with you on the spot. Hollywood has conditioned you to believe that love is always just around the corner, but finding and maintaining love is hard work, just like everything else in life.

Continue to go on dates. The right guy will eventually remain interested. The guy with whom you have chemistry, the guy who thinks you’re absolutely amazing just the way you are.

Bonus: This is the guy you’ll want to brag about to your friends. This is the guy you won’t want to fix because he was built specifically for you. He’s worth the wait, and there’s no other way to find him except this…

  1. Make Yourself More Interesting

This is the key. This is how you get back into dating….

People will remain interested if they believe you are interesting. Try not to be someone else’s idea of interesting. Work on becoming the person you’d like to talk to. If you enjoy books, read more; if you enjoy Nascar, attend more races.

Participate in activities that you previously only imagined doing. The more self-assured you are, the brighter your light shines, and the more likely you are to find your soul mate. When you shine, you are more visible. It will no longer feel like work when you are having fun with your life. Do you want to learn more about men?

A man does not want to be with you if he does not pursue you. When a man does not pursue you, he is unlikely to change his mind. You can’t persuade him to like you for who you are. You can only get your own shit together while looking for someone who matches your new better.

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