Are You Dating On Facebook?

Have you ever considered dating on Facebook?

You’ve probably been approached by men who want to date you there without even realizing it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could meet quality men while you’re on Facebook? The average woman spends four hours a day on Facebook; wouldn’t it be great if you could meet quality men while you’re there?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect and start a more unique relationship on Facebook?

It’s simple and straightforward. Examine it out.

Facebook is a social networking site.




But did you know that Facebook is one of the best places to meet new people?

Consider this. You’re already linked to the internet via a network. Some of the same people you know. You already have mutual acquaintances. You can see a person’s entire year, including their friends, likes and dislikes, and even where they went on vacation.

Facebook is currently one of the safest online destinations. Despite this, most of us do not use it. Facebook

We spend so much time not dating on Facebook and instead dating with strangers on Match or Tinder.

Finding the right man on Facebook is a piece of cake.

You can read other people’s posts. Learn about them. Look into their interests and preferences.

You can even flirt with one another without asking each other out. Facebook is one of the best places to meet someone because it is so safe.

However, we tend to dismiss it because it is a “friend network.” Consider how you want to be set up. Who would you like to be set up with? Someone close to you. Someone from your social circle.

Friendships can lead to some of the best connections and even marriages.

My friend, a high-quality, handsome, and successful man, is constantly meeting new people on Facebook. He takes a straightforward approach. First, he friend requests any woman with whom he believes he might connect; if they respond and accept, that is step one.

Then he finds something of interest or a point of commonality on her Facebook page and sends her a brief message about it. It could be something from her life, one of her photos, something she commented on – something that shows her he’s cool and smart. That is the second step.

The inherent level of trust is why he ends up dating so many women from Facebook and even met a serious girlfriend there last year.

Women who are his Facebook friends can look him up on his page. They can see pictures of his child and their summer vacation. It creates a subliminal level of trust when all of his friends comment on his posts.

Think about how you’d feel if this guy wrote you a cute message – and you could instantly check him out and see he’s attractive, smart, and single.

How would you react if a man approached you in this manner?

I want you to consider your friends’ friends. I’d like you to take some time this evening to look through your friend list. Then consider who suggested them, because all of the suggestions are based on mutual friends.

Try inviting some friends. Send a smiley face their way. You could even say something like, “hey, how do you know Beth or Jim?”

Begin responding to their comments in the section below. When they comment on a post, you also comment on it.

Dating on Facebook is so simple and straightforward, yet so many people avoid it. Instead, you’re on other sites and swipes looking for random men with no connection to your life.

It’s easier to meet and date someone you know. Friend of a friend. This is why we have Facebook friend networks. A novel concept.

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